Connection Fees
Connection Fees for NEW METERS
  • Same side of road as SOWCO waterline:
  • Gravel County Road Crossing:
  • Paved County Road Crossing:
  • State Road Crossing:
  • State Highway Crossing (5+ lanes):
  • $775.00
  • $1,075.00
  • $1,475.00
  • $1,875.00
  • $1,875.00 + any extra costs
To Start a New Service We MUST have:
  • Connection Fee
  • Meter Deposit
  • Perk Test or Exemption
  • Signed Water Users Agreement
  • Easement for any meter or line not on your property
    (Easements must be filed and recorded at the courthouse before submitting any copy to SOWCO)
Plumber’s Permit – Purchase Required for New Construction. We MUST have:
  • Plumber's Name, License Number and Phone Number
  • Plumber is required to call SOWCO when they are ready for inspection of the plumbing system.
  • Inspector must have a minimum of 24 hours notice